240 Paulson Earth Top Hat and Cane Chips With Wooden Case Inspection

With the expanding fascination of Poker nowadays, more and more people are buying their poker sets they can take to neighborhood games, while some only enjoy accumulating poker chip sets that are unique and a little different. Poker chip collections are very affordable and economical to high of the internet line.

While newcomer players may want to choose a pair at the medium price range, those that are avid poker gamers will be searching to get a pair of high superior processors that will endure perhaps not just for a few months or 2 however for a long time continuous playingwith. The 240 Paulson planet top hat and Cane Chips with mobile case is just one this group http://resultsydneyresmi.cuzoogle.com .


The processors in the 240 Paulson Earth Top Hat and Cane Chips with Granite Case Are Created from the Maximum quality clay. This clay is the same that is found in casinos across the globe. They are made and manufactured by Paulson certainly one of those leading manufactures of chips.

All these processors have multi colored borders having a tophat and cane inlay. The linen finish used on these sorts of processors makes them less simple to clean with hot water and light soap that can keep them looking new for decades.

The Case

The wooden case having the 240 Paulson planet Tophat and Cane Chips with Wooden Case comes with a gorgeous high gloss complete. The cover of the circumstance is made from scratch resistant plexiglass with a wooden frame. Which makes it easy for you to display these superior chips that are made. The metallic clasps and gold tackle presents

case a very distinguished air.

The inside the situation is wrapped with black material also it has room enough to keep all 240 poker chips, 2 decks of cards, a dealer button and a cigar cutter and tray each of of which is included in this set. This can be actually a gentleman case similar to those days when poker was King along with the Las Vegas high reels believed they’d the only game in the town.

Owning this case will probably get a severe poker player outside of anyone.


The price of this 240 Paulson planet Tophat and Cane Chips with Granite Case is about what you’d anticipate from a well made and durable hardwood instance and also premium quality processors running approximately $400-$450. While the price may be a bit steep for the casual poker player it’s a superior investment for someone who plays on a regular foundation and would like some set of chips to last.

It’d likewise probably create a excellent accession to these collections already owned by means of a collector also.

Even the 240 Paulson Entire World Tophat and Cane Chips with a decorative Case are not for everyone. This really is an serious poker game collection meant for serious poker players who need to invest in the maximum quality chips available. For those people who are looking for well-made processors at a fair price that these processors are not worth looking in to.

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